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To provide community-based, person-centered services to individuals to facilitate maximum personal growth, self-actualization, and community integration.

Participants will exercise choice in selecting and receiving individualized services and supports that will result in their living, working, and recreating as functioning members of their community and society.

Our professional staff includes licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, behavior specialists, special education teachers, and residential care specialists.

We develop Individualized Service Plans to address unique considerations such as developmental history and background, cultural variables, and clinical assessments.

We work hard to facilitate community integration of our consumers in social, educational, vocational, and cultural settings in a manner that respects their fundamental rights.


Each person entering the program shall have developed for him or her an Individualized Service Plan to promote growth and development in all relevant life domains. Each ISP will be developed by staff who are trained and competent in person-centered planning and will incorporate consideration of developmental history and background, cultural variables, and clinical assessments, with input from service consumers and family members.

Professional services shall be provided by staff persons who are appropriately licensed and certified as required. Residential services will be supervised by trained residential professionals who are qualified in the development and implementation of residential service plans. All lead staff are trained and experienced in basic and advanced techniques of behavior modification, informal counseling and recreational therapy.

Regular assessment, monitoring and recording will be implemented to assure that service and techniques are appropriate and effective for each client.

Our primary objective is to provide residential, clinical, and support services to persons with specialized needs in the least restrictive setting.

We place our primary emphasis on adolescents and adults diagnosed with severe emotional disturbance and/or intellectual disability.

Services are provided in Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and surrounding areas.

We work hard to facilitate community integration of our consumers in social, educational, vocational, and cultural settings in a manner that respects their fundamental rights.


We provide exceptional services for adolescents and adults in all aspects of specialized needs support. Our highly experienced team offers exceptional support services in a respectful and compassionate environment.

  • Community Living-Group Home – Individualized supports and services in ADL’s, medication administration, health monitoring and promotion

  • Day Services – Assistance in developing/ identifying community employment

  • Supported Employment

  • Shared Living Supports

  • Personal Supports – Home and community-based services to develop and enhance independent living skills and community integration

  • Nursing Support Services – Health monitoring, education

  • Community Development Services

  • Respite – Supervision and supports in-home or out-of home to provide respite to primary caregivers

  • Organized Health Care Delivery System

  • DORS Community Rehabilitation Program – Job Placement and monitoring for DORS clients

Organized Health Care Delivery System

As an approved Organized Health Care Delivery System (OHCDS), Starflight Enterprises is approved to contract with other entities to provide the following services to participants:

Provision of an item, piece of equipment, or product that can be used to maintain or improve functional abilities, and promote ability to live independently and participate meaningfully in the community.

Assessment of participant’s primary residence to assess feasibility or value of environmental modifications or assistive technology to enhance individual’s ability to live in the community.

Physical modifications to participant’s home  to support individual’s effort to function independently

Live-in caregiver who resides in participant’s home to assist participant with activities of daily living

Contracted  non-medical assistance training and transport of participants and caregiver to locations in community as identified  in the Person Centered Plan as necessary for community activities and/or needs

Moving expenses for allowable experiences related to participant moving from an institutional setting or a community residential setting to either a his/her own private residence or an alternative community residential setting.

Adaptations or alterations made to participant’s vehicle to accommodate participant’s  individual needs.